Wagah, highest pool border Indian flag missing

Mercer: India-Pakistan Wagah border the attic during the last 10 days because of the Indian flag was not hoisted the flag on the pool is, “to explode of 360 feet high. Indian Government where their troops can not correctly 2 times meal there is the claim your rise day by day in the defense budget ever open without the pool of financial officers Indian military ever to no food by the Government, he said. And when the Government and the officers of ill-treatment are not only punished them again, but vision cry they die is pushed. And this is the reason why the number of hundreds of Indian soldiers have been crazy or prefer suicide to suicide in Indian-occupied Kashmir and only the number of Indian troops at 3 is more than 100.
Lesser officers picking their own stories of corruption, but not limited to soldiers who now japan chit to the national flag, and that’s why despite the international border 10 days germane Indian flag could not be raised and the Government is not in ear range. 360 feet long at the border at Wagah, a la Kwame opening of the pool still a month, and I was not that 1 million worth have been split apart and the flag behind, 25 3 even after 10 days, Indian troops have not the courage to flag the fourth.
Amritsar kindly call amount trust Chairman Suresh capitalist says the largest pool on the border, officials only to install the earliest one was not up to the technical report that poor quality flag is also displayed on the pool and due to strong winds so far 3 have been attached to the flag. In this project, there are numerous large-scale financial. It should be noted that a month ago near the international border, the highest Indian outpost located on the Indian flag was planted on the 360 feet high to force pool 120 feet long, 80 feet wide and the flag was hoisted. But the Indian flag to face strong winds has come upon the Earth split asunder, rather than 3 bars.