Trump’s new order suspends indefinite travel restrictions

Washington: the US State of Hawaii Federal Judge President Donald Trump 6 Muslim countries by the new travel restrictions that apply to command indefinitely is suspended. According to the foreign news agency, was in court on behalf of the State of Hawaii to take the American President with the decision of both tourism and the arrival of the international students in the country will be damaged. Which American state judge federal judge orders new travel restrictions of the Watson dark Donald Trump for an indefinite period suspended which means that Trump will not be able to apply a travel ban unless there is a court case.
It should be remembered that the American President Donald Trump’s new travel restrictions on citizens of Muslim countries 90 days on 6 under orders in the US was banned entry to which 5 States challenge when the citizens of Muslim countries by trump in January before America was issued an order to ban entry on which public protests and various States Court was suspended after opposition. The decision of the Federal Court circuit court suspension of the American President was Chilean however, this Court has also upheld the decision of the judiciary was under.