Trump said Obama era of environmental protection law, revoking

Washington: American President Donald Trump were introduced during the reign of his predecessor, Barack Obama cancel the law of environmental protection from the US once again reiterated its determination to create a rich country, he said. American President Donald Trump gave former President Barack Obama’s climate change (climate change) to cancel the policy on presidential orders produced signed, after which environmental protection related to the Obama era, more than a dozen projects have been canceled. President Donald Trump was canceled by the Obama era in carbon emissions reduction projects clean power plan is also included. Sadster said on the occasion we will bring jobs back to America and the dreams of the rich give them.
A spokesman for the White House in a statement said his presidential void measure with the increase in economic activity in the US will be job creation and affordable power supply will also be possible. Trump freedom of the use of executive orders energy announcement has been declared. In this way, in the US, gas and oil fuel (fossil fuel), “namely fossiliferous as electricity from coal special manufacturing industry will get a boost. However, as a result of this pollution will go but Trump it no problem.
It should be clear that Donald Trump Presidency of the official website of the White House as he was during the whole section was very wide and active end was Obama. In addition, the environmental protection agency in the US, Trump (e-PA) appointed a new head of ‘ expert ‘ to the concept of environmental changes, which themselves?