Tribe prostitot letter from the European Union, British Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Britain from the European Union wine man started a letter to sign, he said. According to the British media after a letter sent by the of Britain from Elim, and all the action the European Union will be launched officially, this letter will be delivered to the President of the European Council to the Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Donald task will preside over the wine after which MPs will notify about the European Union is seeing Britain’s exclusion.
Daralamra (House of social) and the House of Commons of the British Parliament (House of kamas) Bill bright are already has distanced himself from the European Union, also signed the Bill of the second British Queen was murdered, after which Bill bright legal form departed. It should be noted that article 50 of the European Union, which was approved in 2007, allows to any member country of the European Union could legally from the period of time for this purpose and the methods and interpret. Earlier, the European Union did not have the choice of any member country that can’t be separated from the European Union and officially legal.