The strange blue lights for children needs life disease

The victim of a strange disease, a four-year-old child in the UK: lotion and 20 hours daily to maintain his life is placed in special blue lights. Ismail Ali, this girl is a victim of a disease which is called the “finger killer syndrome which so far only 100 are affected as soon as the patient report. Ismail’s special room, which has been planted with bulbs of various intensity, and the purpose of the photo therapy the blue light are poisonous compounds that interact in the liver by deleting and it is the only way to keep a child alive.
Krigler finger syndrome of liver disorder in which his work is not a specific (kumara), is that they destroy the red blood cells AOR Naka RH used but in the liver cells are poisonous and Ismail together this is the reason that his eyes in liver sallowness indicate irregular material. Ismail’s parents are unable to come and say Ismail after 2013 in this room from that time was only a few weeks old when the prison.
Ismail’s second transfer of the mother, but the liver treatment, particular in the liver, however, Shazia Chaudhry can kill the liver. A whole day in my room for a few hours and Ismail at the time, the level of noxious materials in the liver when taken out is great. Ismail is the British NHS Medical Department room atmosphere designed for engineers and expert doctors.