The South Korean President, dismissed on charges of corruption

Seoul: South Korea’s Supreme Court has ordered the country’s female President Park gun as accurate impeachment order of them is immediately removed from Office. Last year, South Korean President Park gunman and his very close friend was a major corruption scandal against TB vacuum Chui, after which the Parliament his impeachment was relieved temporarily from them while the President. The process of impeachment special constitutional bench of the Supreme Court of South Korea for further revision was delivered, which was composed of 8 judges. After hearing a constitutional bench of the trial process of impeachment as correct and detailed Park is officially fired the gun. In this way, became the first South Korean President Park who was fired from his position.

South Korean court rules secret state information to Park gun privacy and prosecute a violation of important government documents reveal, he said, and several of his friends girlfriend to allow government intervention, the rule of law vacuum sill Chui is violated. In its ruling, the Supreme Court wrote that the spirit of democracy and the rule of law, to refrain from committing corruption Park gun also fired them as serious governance is so afflicted. After removal from the Presidency in South Korea will be the new stepped the presidential elections until May. President Park’s girlfriend also scams, sill vacuum Chui and South Korean Government illegally options to receive refunds for which charges heavy companies they already are in custody. However, both of these women are also refused health charges.