The discovery also will create new blood

California: If you believe that the work of the lungs and blood oxygen in the blood by absorption of air, only adding carbon dye oxide is to drive, you are imperfect information scientists have also blood that makes this fresh discovery in others. Before this, we knew that the blood in the bone marrow is ready, but the University of California San Francisco (UC s. f.) have conducted experiments on when they were surprised to learn that they are in the population within the lungs ‘ named ‘ playlists. These blood cells are stored until the lungs until the bones of not to put blood influenced.
According to the scientists of the bones (Bon Mount Meru) is all blood components by blood red cells oxygen plant maker, the flow of blood from the wound and the white cells fight infection who are becoming platelets stop while this process is known as. Before e  ‘ platelets making special cells were discovered in the lungs mega but experts say that it’s a very small number are here, while the production of blood cells in the bone marrow is the original work.
Yo were a scientist for CSR experience whose aim was to see how the platelets in the lungs of mice (a natural defensive) system do contact amniotic. The was developed specifically as such through the genetic engineering that their platelets green light was deleted. But experts were surprised to learn that in addition to the platelets in the lungs of mice, and we had a number of This is the first research report writer leeriness behalf says ‘ when we noticed, that all others are in full and bar ai plates 10 m per hour. Video  in the blood, the lungs that steam sales and also want to create cells that make .
Another senior expert Mark according to the be free ‘ discovery that finds that in addition to the main and basic components of blood, breathing in others is configured. This process will also believe that our Ain dominant in humans.  that more experiments are in the bone marrow but become a long journey to reach the lungs, and by platelets there are created. Maybe it is the process of signing molecule, is yet to understand. However, with the discovery of this important disease and other diseases of the blood in human lung Kwa Janne will help a lot. The results of this research published in the current issue of the magazine ‘ seven-day are research (Journal).