The CIA also reveal secrets of hacking-related, not a single percent of Wikileaks

London: Wikileaks to reveal confidential information revealed that the American intelligence agency CIA related hacking so far were not even one percent, there are still a lot of information and general information that attacks will be released periodically. According to the British media Wikileaks over the past day, the CIA, through smart mobile phones and television by e-mail to the people was discovered, after which the Wikileaks in his statement, said of the CIA were not reveal information related to hacking one percent so far, while the CIA reveal new information about the hacking of the series “Walt 7 series” name Has been given. According to information released by Wikileaks CIA iPhone, Android and smart tv can hack other people’s voice, text and mobile misis misis software can access between 2013-2016 the CIA access to people’s mobile data frequently. Wikileaks, the name of two responsible, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the American intelligence agencies last year.

Wikileaks founder Julian asanch aiquaador Embassy in the London Press Conference, said the CIA is the current information, General incompetence, I promise the CIA’s hacking, I will provide the companies with various technology method, which will be saved to the user’s mobile phone. On the other hand, the CIA provided secret intelligence to Wikileaks to reach people who have access to all of your employees computer contractor companies, and in this regard all employees log and other computer communication emails gathered evidence from sources are going to the White House spokesman says President Donald Trump have expressed deep concern about the value of intelligence While turning a blind eye to the law is directed to.