The battery charge faster and 3 times more than ready save electricity

Austin, Texas: American and Portuguese have a team of experts, eco-friendly solid state battery can be charged faster, but that is not only prepared my customary 3 times more electricity than the bitras ion  can also store. University of Texas Austin 94-year-old author and inventor of the ion battery in John gdainf’s guidance, other experts have prepared a completely solid state battery is the chemicals brqeere (alictrods) are composed of glass. They say the battery once more extended period of time, there are thousands of active living can also prepare and the USD you need are also significantly less costly.

John gdainf the University of Texas in Austin, and even if Al-umari weak monitoring of the various research groups are doing. To charge quickly and less safe because of the ability to charge more in it in the future, smartphones, and laptops computers etc in order to quickly charge tablts and long lasting charge citizens will be able to stay. In addition, with the help of the same technology in the coming years due to the big made batteries also will  once the team traveled to long distances after charge electric cars will also be prepared. Once the battery has been discharged and charged to 1200 during the experiments, after which the alictrods performance also made no difference. Team invented it say it can work well on solid state battery negative 20 degrees it will be used in extremely cold environments.

Details of the invention research journal, “published in the current issue of science, energy and  the University of Texas Austin Office filed the patent application for the  of technology was also the battery. On the other hand, the technology to commercial scale began to contact different agencies to introduce were placed so that could get the required investment for this purpose.