Take heed! Your tv, you’re spying

Paris: Wikileaks, the American intelligence agency CIA secret devices used in hacking by the detailed list of issues, in which the Windows (operating system), and in addition to the Apple operating systems include Linux computers. According to the details released by Wikileaks CIA spy mobile software, smart modern tv and Internet to the calling service, while used as online video ‘ Skype ‘ and Wi-Fi networks, political leaders, officials and ordinary people were spying. Read also the news: Wikileaks, the CIA must continue more hazardstavisat 8

The alleged hacking tools (operating system), Windows, Apple OS x and Linux operating system ios4 the computer and the Internet to target software are included. Read also the news: Wikileaks founder Julian asange added that they will continue according to the Wikileaks documents a million hacking some of the software used in the CIA themselves were allegedly developed the British Intelligence Agency MI-‘ five ‘ in hacking of smart tv, seats 8 spy software was supported by the CIA in developing. The CIA spokesman and the British Foreign Office had no reaction to the latest Wikileaks disclosures from these sorry marriage.