‘ Solar probe plus spacecraft will uncover the secrets of the Sun “

space to get awareness of hidden secrets of sending spacecraft began in the 20th century. In a few decades, the Moon, Mars, Venus, mercury and nipchon many asteroid were sent by the spacecraft. Fully equipped modern research about space and space ships, the heavenly bodies made invaluable information delivery man. Even today, many on the land of the orbits of the spacecraft in the Mars  are active, and are sent valuable information on Earth. After  the planets and Sun’s focus on explore human Prophet. The center of the solar system is to add his knowledge about restless. Asrarshmasi responds to NASA mission research towards the Sun the following year, too. The robot spacecraft, the Solar Probe Plus has been named.

In mind here raises the question of whether it will come down on the surface of the Sun or spacecraft in orbit will be conditional? On the surface of the Sun is not possible until now, why the revelation of spacecraft material it could tolerate temperature so high that could not be created. Therefore, solar probe plus reaching 4 million miles away from the Sun will stand. Temperature on the surface is limited to 10000 degrees Shams measurement of temperature in the atmosphere of but if he could, para a degree will be reached 2 million. This is surprising given the greater phenomenon. It is a common observation that we are as far away from the source of heat or heat is decreasing as temperature will be. The situation in the case of the Sun, the reverse is true. 20 times more than the level, its climate is warm.

A significant difference in the temperature profile of the Sun and air for scientists still is a big . Solar probe plus the purpose behind the departure of this tangle is created. Apart from this scientist also want to know that the solar winds from the Sun, also known as that that is how the speed, he said. Charged particles of millions of miles per hour on are spread in every direction. Scientist are unable to understand that they’re so are solar how to get speed. Knowledge of the existence of the Solar Ray is from ancient times, man. Ancient astronomy in the interest of those who observe that the tail is always the opposite side of the Sun turn the tail of the stars responsible whether it be women step in any direction. This he had estimated that no such item is deleted from the Sun (solar wind) is even more fast these stars.

Shura  which hopes to solve the space ship is from time to time contain high energy particles from the Sun it is that is why emissions. These particles can harm the space ships and . Scientist on the ground while the three dark, have been trying to understand but, according to him, in the way of understanding the mutual distance of the Sun and the planet will never be led astray. It should be clear that nokeror between the Earth and Sun is three million miles. Space Astronomy and other sciences, at the distance of this knowledge it is not possible to continue activities on the surface to be Shams. This will cause easy ways of understanding a reduction in distance.