Sam stone Rilke s 8 and s 8 plus pragma kicking off

Seoul: a glikse flag of the ship hit the Smartphone of iPhone Announces s 8 and s 8 plus karakia introduced. Samsung announces Galaxy note after the failure of 7 now 2 new smartphones with Smartphones iPhone counter which introduced over the weekend. 5.8-inch screen, 8 s. stone and Sam 8 plus 6.2-inch screen Android phone in which contains 7.0 software is Same and 12-megapixel front camera behind the main camera of s. Stone front 8-megapixel camera, which is 64 GB storage and a microSD card for additional storage as well. And most importantly, Sam stone, which will be available in approximately 90 thousand behind, 8 689 s. pounds will be available in Pakistani RS.
Sam stones. 8 plus the latest in Android (operating system) operating system has been installed, “a snap,” while it 7.6 Dragon is equipped with 64 GB, and 835 processor memory and built-in battery Ma 3,000 is HIV. Sam will be available for the 8 plus £ 779 s. the stone that Pakistan behind RS. 12,000 to about 100,000, he said. Sam stone 8 plus that is with the help of the eyes to his Lord in asking Aires “on this feature is also available. In addition to all things n Sam stone also says its new flagship, especially smartphones is the idea that batteries, not fire.