Posted in India, the Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit decided to change

Islamabad Pakistani High Commissioner stationed in India: Salaam Abdul Basit, Pakistani ambassadors stationed in different countries including, it was decided to change it. The Government of Pakistan has deployed in different countries according to express news Pakistani ambassadors it was decided to change it. According to sources, Pakistani High Commissioner stationed in India change in Turkey’s Ambassador Abdul Basit Sohail Mahmood has been in India High Commissioner decided to deploy. A Foreign Ministry Additional Secretary Iftikhar Aziz will be appointed Ambassador to Turkey to admin.
In Brazil, according to the Ambassador, the source argument this year are South Africa, Australasia, and in their place-Islam retired also QB is being applied to the Ambassador in Brazil Najam in when Dr. Sohail Khan, South Africa’s Ambassador to Thailand has decided to send. In Denmark, Ambassador Masroor Ahmed Junejo is retired in June as an alternative to additional Secretary to Ambassador to the Asia-Pacific is being appointed Zulfikar GARDEZI.