Poison spider is effective in the brain after stroke to prevent being totally paralyzed, research

Queens ‘ College, Cambridge, from low oxygen and blood to the brain from the stroke: brain cells destroyed quickly, and this is a risk of the patient’s death and disability later poison spider, however, may be helpful in this State. Australia’s University of scientists have from the fnal poison of Web is in the form of a brain stroke pulled Hi1a more affected than others. The findings have been published in the National Academy of proceedings of Only in America each year, 8 million people, including 6 million people contracted the stroke for the first time in its 65 years, are more than half of these people crippled and is disabled. In addition, severe physical weakness because of the ignorance which brain cells is also to be affected of. Can this medicine so far no currently.
The acid in the brain, one HIV prevents the channel associated with the CIA. This channel is the most harm to the brain after a stroke. Experts have given a small amount of HIV, one stroke-prone mice, this part of the brain cells of the and the save the mental functions they control. Lack of oxygen in the brain in the same way also does not because brain cells are dying faster. Experts believe that it will save the lives of human beings, and they could be prevented from complete disability because his experiences are very encouraging results.