Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House invited Trump

Washington: American President, Donald Trump has in terms of peace negotiations with Israel, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House is invited. According to the British broadcaster American President Donald Trump gave Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over the phone, is invited to the White House. President Mahmoud Abbas’s spokesman says the President Trump said that he is 3 years ago between Israel and Palestine to resume peaceful negotiations ending to discuss about.  Israel decided not to put pressure on Trump on the other hand, the spokesman for the White House, briefing the press on behalf of Donald Trump during the glory given confirmation of the invitation, said that there have been talks between the two leaders for the first time, however, it will be determined whether, when this meeting. The Middle East peace talks in February before  said the President met with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu at a gap of bangaman’ve Trump.

the Israeli-Palestinian dispute in Paris: countries recalled that a few days before the Summit, us Ambassador to the United Nations helicopter  has also for the first time met with the Palestinian counterpart Riyadh Mansur.  Posted a message on Twitter after the helicopter in which the Palestinians said international institutions instead of the direct talks with Israel hopes must be involved in.