The killing of 17 million children annually from the contaminated environment

Geneva: World Health Organization (who) in each of the 4 up to 5 years according to a child’s death can be declared as contaminated as a result of housing and the environment. The World Health Organisation (who) Chief Dr. Margaret by environment pollution, according to the China is deadly for children, especially the children, to become members and amniati system ... Read More »

The cause of the growing phenomenon of social media, youth, social isolation

Washington: a survey revealed that Facebook will have access to use the social media platform, instaforex g and other young boys and girls stay away from society, and deeper sense of distance from the society they have. Media Research Center at the University of Berg, Dr. Brian says that it has a slightly larger surveys in which people from across ... Read More »

Blood tests may diagnose kinsruki

San Diego: University of California scientists have a blood test to identify cancer in the body, which has the format “” baiopse “” Lewis. The system to identify cancer in traditional pieces of the members after the painful baiopse won’t need nochane. For this system, scientists have ten types of tissue systems (tshos) from the blood to the DNA tests, ... Read More »

-Extremely small eyes akabe smart camera ready

Germany-University of asttgart, Germany, invented a tiny camera is big, by engaging in a view clearly see more detail and a specific part of this differential is capable of with. The ability to look in the eyes of the most way that keeping the focus got a larger view can see more detail on its prey, and that they are ... Read More »

Facebook will now point to suicide

New York-Facebook online after the events and the growing suicide to remedy this introduced the new technology called the “arta feshl intelligence technology” has been the name of the. Facebook is by arta feshl intelligence system was introduced to identify individuals will want to commit suicide, Facebook will automatically send your friends a man warning sign system which means that ... Read More »

The battery charge faster and 3 times more than ready save electricity

Austin, Texas: American and Portuguese have a team of experts, eco-friendly solid state battery can be charged faster, but that is not only prepared my customary 3 times more electricity than the bitras ion  can also store. University of Texas Austin 94-year-old author and inventor of the ion battery in John gdainf’s guidance, other experts have prepared a completely solid ... Read More »

5 times strong iron cloth dress up

Scientists at the University of  in Japan: okao contains, a light-weight cloth is extremely flexible, but that is not only produced 5 times more iron is also strong. The cloth which FR SC means ‘ ‘ kmpost ‘ ‘ anforsd software has been the name of the fiber recycling, water from the  and glass fiber fabric is designed by the ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger in the amount ‘ started test ‘ button

San : most popular social media site Facebook said to his Messenger “” e “” displeasure in the distance but it is currently testing karadia introduced button.   Up to July last year, Facebook Messenger, a billion people were present when the whole Facebook system 2 billion people were using. The Facebook Messenger was introduced in 2011, which lets users ... Read More »

Hundreds of the latest NASA software is absolutely free!

Houston, Texas: the US space agency, “NASA,” said hundreds of the latest software free downloads online produced. Their software is neither a royalty on demand downloading and the use of copyright laws has been banned, but for general use are free. All of these software’s “NASA technology transfer Office ‘, ‘ who have already released 2 times in NASA prepared ... Read More »

It destroyed immediately if sound system, mobile phone

Sol: Saudi Arabia’s security system in the case of the stolen mobile phone engineers have developed which can only be stolen mobile phone in 10 seconds. In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah University of science and technology (now tv’s) have made the security system of electrical engineers. IE6 according to the report published in a journal can EEA aims is to ... Read More »