In the US and opened fire, one person was killed in the bus attack

Las Vegas: American City Las Vegas armed man opened fire on a bus, and spoil his goods, which resulted in the death of one person was killed and one was injured when the bomber was arrested as well. According to the foreign news agency in Las Vegas, and bus passengers hostage gunman double dikes and caused people to panic to ... Read More »

The main suspect in the attack on the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, and Sri Lankan team killed in Afghanistan Qari Yasin

Washington: American mastermind of the Islamabad Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, the Defence Ministry and the central role the attack on Sri Lankan team Shaikh Yassin killed in drone attack in Afghanistan has confirmed. Issued by a Pentagon statement said that Al-Qaeda leader Shaikh Yassin in the Paktika province of Afghanistan on March 19 was killed in the drone attack. According ... Read More »

Britain calls for access to secret from institutions administration app wants miss

London: Britain to eradicate extremism from administration agencies access to music wats app is called for. According to the British news agency, the foreign OSI dak HLA heaven says whats app service is unacceptable to encrypt, extremism misses to end intelligence agencies be given access miss what’s app. Soon, he said, the talks with the officials of the institutions, social ... Read More »

In London, the Royal family, the owner of the property report even more capitalist diagonal

London: the British capital in terms of ownership of property in the latest survey to be as surprising to the Queen of Britain is left behind many capitalists, diagonal. In terms of ownership of property in London, British Telecom, graph the newspaper research institution ‘ Deutsche ‘ was set up in the light of the statistics collected for the report ... Read More »

6 people were killed and 40 injured in bomb blasts in Bangladesh

Dhaka: Bangladesh as a result of the bombings in the city of shift 2 police officers with 6 people were killed and more than 40 injured. According to the foreign news agency in the North East City police operation against terrorists, the shift was going on at the same time, as a result of which the blast 2 kill 6, ... Read More »

American State of Ohio nightclub shooting, one person was killed and 14 injured

Washington: American gunman in the shootings of the nightclub in Ohio State, one person was killed and 14 injured. According to the foreign news agency, the city of Cincinnati because Ohio State’s nightclub in the indiscriminate firing into the armed person as a result of which one person was killed and 14 were injured while the attackers fled the scene. ... Read More »

Also in China, “” car copy of Pakistani graffiti became the ‘ square ‘

The people of the two countries, the economic effects of the Pak-China Islamabad: transit are coming closer to each other, however, the Chinese copy of the Pakistani artisan graffiti made ” an ” is a square. Glaucoma, according to Chinese news agency China global network of the province of China, located in the East of the city, a city in ... Read More »

Approval of resolutions in support of Palestine in the United Nations 4

United Nations: the United Nations Human Rights Council has a clear majority in support of Palestine with 4 approved resolutions. According to the report, the Palestinian information center, the United Nations Human Rights Council has approved 4 is one of the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel in Gaza and Jordan in the rights violation in the second, the ... Read More »

OIC Commission of India refused to visit occupied Kashmir

New Delhi/Islamabad: India of human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir suffering from fear of unfolding the veil, and the OIC’s human rights Commission to visit the Valley is occupied by Anka Ker DIA, while Pakistan has allowed the Commission to visit voluntarily, the eight-member delegation of the Human Rights Commission will reach Islamabad today. According to the foreign news agency ... Read More »

In Indian-occupied Kashmir after the martyrdom of youth protests

Srinagar: Indian police have captured after the Kashmiri youth in fake competition in different areas of the occupied Valley protests. According to the lauan tip area of Kashmir Media service in the police car in the entire district of Pulwama had 2 young people were killed by gunfire, identified by the name of Wani and Farooq Ahmad Shahbaz Shafi is ... Read More »