Our priority is no longer to remove Syrian President Bashar, America

New York: us Ambassador United Nations, Nikki Hailey said that our priority was not to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar. During the tenure of former us President Barack Obama, the US Government in other countries in the region, including Syria, Bashar’s Government was subject to the end of peace, through their coalition in the Middle East countries for this evening also armed rebels but also change the policy of America after the change of government operations. America’s Ambassador to the United Nations in this regard, Nikki Hailey said in an interview that his administration, like the previous Government, clearly cannot Trump attention to Bashar. The US Government is not important to find ways to remove Bashar for us, it is important that we can see how to work with the people of Syria that the difficulties I am easy.
On the other hand, in Syria, Bashar’s political opposition coalition expressed disappointment on the statement of the representative helicopter Nikki anatase Farah said America is giving conflicting messages. On the one hand and the American Foreign Minister risks Tillerson say that Bashar will not be a time of transition, and on the other hand, the role of Nikki Hailey says that Bashar has been changed to remove the policy.