Only 5 hours from New York to Islamabad in one passenger plane

Denver, Colorado: America’s private company, the little voice, ” technology is traveling at the speed of passenger plane prototype as his first test flight last week: come unto the marriage. This commercial prank 2.2 times more than the sound of a plane (Mach number 2.2) means you will be able to travel with the speed of 2334 km per hour. At the time, passenger plane at least 20 hours to reach Islamabad from New York, but in the future, it takes only 45 minutes to 4 hours distance passenger plane will be taken in.
The prototype of this aircraft which ” x b one ” (XB-1) Lewis, only 2 person capacity, but little of the commercial version of the technology say (which is expected to be in 2023) in Figure 3 times larger when the passengers will be able to travel from 55 45. The world’s first passenger plane prank ‘ ‘ kinked ‘ ‘ (Concord) retired more than 10 years today to much during this time many signs in front of commercial aircraft project that not only will be larger than the kinked but also will more than Pinkard’s carrying capacity and speed, but so far all these projects are only experimental or test steps. X b one issue of the some of them are not different.
Before the first test flight, more than 1000 hours in the wind tunnel (tunnel.) had the entire comparison, during which it was finalized when the flight control and Rio yanks that it was also (structure). His design business to General Electric company to reach a great speed of 2.2 Mach number by 3 numbers tubulin the latest Jet engine will be installed. The Jet engine was installed in the new training fighter jets today are going to install the necessary changes in the commercial plane will be spent. X b look like only seeing one prototype fighter planes, but the final design is a bit large and passenger planes, as seems to be the same.
American media as a project it to the ‘ full ‘ is private, “but NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, parade and stone, grain, space x and masked like imports are also partners in aerodynamic experts who also belong to the public sector of America a form. Its speed and other qualities in his place, it is difficult to say, but it will complete on time or not and that it will also get the same Damiani which it is expected to. However, according to the news released by the little ‘ technology ‘ plane made its first full test flight was completed successfully and to receive all the goals it was flight.