One of the four and a half million pieces of Strawberry

We eat in order to get the nutritional fruit but also as a place in Japanese society. When a special occasion, like a wedding, come may be to go to the hospital to meet him or to meet patient’s boss, the Japanese love to buy fruits for the hosts. Japanese business an intelligent fellow, the same habit as the best source of income. It is in 1834, named Oshima into Japanese have a shop to sell fruit in Tokyo opened the bargains. Shop soon because of the mafia and honestly. In 1870 the grandson of asthma into Oshima Diego decided that for the sake of customers, especially the fruit grow in ways they are the best and rare jobs able to gift your loved ones. And when he came to the shop to ” what ” time (SEMBIKIA) was started.
So buy a few garden Oshima Diego and there began to grow fruit special way. These fruits are the main cultivation and development and ways that they may be unique from the fruits common in elite pubs. This unique innovation proved to be profitable and what were the fruits of a large number of uniquely-designed Japanese time, buy grow. Today in the city of Tokyo and suburbs company 14 shops are situated. They in the shops also sell fruit with the unique shape and are not only unique tastes. Buy the most expensive Japanese prices are others happiness and rejoicing this fruit. Naturally, in the heart of the guest host on the precious gift is worth respect. However, only the very rich can buy fruit Japanese shops do simple. Grape, Apple, melon, muskmelon and as TRB IRI are the company’s special gift. The company has a tennis ball with excellence in skills grow as large Strawberry There is a large c to RS. 400,000 half Strawberry sales.
The company also is in great demand in the Ruby Roman grapes grow. This view is visible, so Pearl red grapes they found this name. The price is more than Rs. 10 lakh a grape. An about 30 are grapes. As the price of RS. children of Titus grapes one pixel. The rich buy grapes so expensive only the Japanese are happy to that ً. What’s the shape of the heart or square gardener some melon grow? It is found in a $100 melon (RS 10,000). Perhaps you are thinking, what would be so expensive and buys the fruit will this reader, but by expanding? in Japan, this one of a kind become. So what is running in the State company profitable time? The precious gift of the Japanese loves the world so that they can be the best gift which the fruit so that they could take wealth also gives!