Now Facebook Messenger will not run on each phone

Ashton: Facebook a few days later, his Messenger to close several important apps on smartphones is announced. Keyless Facebook blog that some smartphones running on Windows (operating system) using 10 devices tv 55 tv, and phones and devices for support is finished. In addition, 10 October 2011 or earlier IOS for iPad’s 26, and Messenger’s support is also 8. The company said that the Windows phone 8 and 8.1 version of a desktop app and not be able to work longer. Facebook has said it would be all users by April 1, note these changes. In a message to his Facebook Messenger users by the end of March, he said, to thank all users after ios4 would not be able to send and receive messages through Messenger.
The process while Facebook into your blog, adding that the team have the best friends and family better contact facilities, we have a voice on Messenger, video calling, games and improved to improve the features of the loans, so with or older versions of the app, it can be closed or will not fully facilities. Facebook users who use ہارڈویئرز all said that they’ve updated operating system that can use the new version of Messenger and Facebook app. It should be clear that earlier whats app and Skype have reciprocal measures. On December 31 last year introduced the updated version of the app wants old ways on millions of devices running on operating systems was impossible to run the app.