More on the Palestinian land, Israel’s announcement to build new settlements

Tel Aviv: Israeli Cabinet approves controversial plan to build more settlements on the Western Bank unanimously approved for the Jews on Palestinian land is more 2000 houses will be built. These areas of the Palestinian land, located on the West Bank from Israel, where the occupation of 1967 till now have been built for Jews in Polish, while 126 were under the project a few months ago for Jews in the occupied area 5500 more houses will be built. The first phase consists of the houses will be built in the ghetto 2000 here. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the controversial project, Donald Trump was given the day before becoming America apologizes to confirm Israeli Cabinet also said. The Israeli decision to build new Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, while the head of the IPL and protest ashram Hannan said that Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli extremist, and racist, which has maintained the continuity of policies. Discriminating against Palestinians, he said, the addition of suppression of Palestinian rights, racism and are part of the Israeli policy of expanding Jewish settlements and implementation of the major extremist Netanyahu Government is intense.
Also, the United Nations on the West Coast in December 2016 demos against settlement construction, while this process was declared illegal because it is the purpose of the settlement of Palestinian land, is to place them.