MODI of Sarkar, Indian Board allowed series from Pakistan deny Sankar

Mumbai: the end of big and the Chairman PCB Shahriar Khan threatened court actions on behalf of the Indian Cricket Board after the letter to his Government in order to allow mutual series, write, but MODI is cricket relations restore Dharma hit this value while Finder is not willing to give. According to Indian media, MODI Sarkar Indian Cricket Board have refused to allow Pakistan to series. In this regard, India’s Minister of State for Interior Affairs Hans Raj hire one from Pakistan by the Indian Cricket Board said that they “neutral letter written to allow the series to not know. If any of the tips came to be considered, but they certainly understand now the revival of cricket between the two countries, the time does not come. Hans Raj, he said, adding that the time for the India-Pakistan cricket series are not helpful, so in this scenario, the series between the two countries on the one neutral is not allowed.
On the other hand, the Indian Premier League leader Rajiv Shukla says that they should keep away from politics that always stand cricket India-Pakistan cricket series, but they don’t know of any Indian to board the Indian Government in this regard, it will be clear that I accept the earlier Indian media claimed that the Government on behalf of BCCI In terms of playing cricket series with Pakistan, is written the letter which States that are ready to play the series in Dubai with Pakistan be allowed to us for the series. Indian media expressed hope that the Indian Government will be allowed to BCCI series. India South Africa before a series of September and there are the month of November, which is the possibility of a series between the two countries.