MIT has brain-controlled robot achieved important

Boston: chiosits Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have set up a whole system in which human beings can control their impulses in the form of robots and robot brain spontaneously is correct. Arta feshl in computer science and MIT robot named bekstr Intelligence Lab experts is created by a complex robot control and mental power alone, it seems like a science-fiction movie system. Experts say it is a significant development of the links between the human robot.

Currently, there is a simple binary it can perform actions in two cans can identify items. However, according to the scientist working on it  juice the day not far away when we went through our thinking in several natural only robot complex will be able to perform the task. This system can also be stopped to the robot through the mistakes and this is his biggest success. Before the brain was thinking in the certain way to run the robot through them or through voice commands were given a  was the action.