Letter from the European Union, Britain, British Ambassador at the Council gathered in karada

Brussels: Britain’s European Union began to break away from the British Ambassador for European Durbin and Tim BERU has gathered in the European Council a written letter in this regard karakia. According to the Prime Minister, the news agency of the European Union on behalf of the foreign for article 50 signed a written letter from the British Ambassador to be handed over to the President of the Council, the European Parliament Bureau on Tim after the EU of Britain of the task Donald separation started to implement on a regular basis. Other copies of the letter of separation by Britain, the European Union’s 27 members countries sent in the city. To the European Council, based on the separation of Britain received European Commission talks slated for completion in may after the guideline of the European Union and the United Kingdom in the future, will publish trade agreements between May and June, after which the future will be also in 2017 will be negotiations between the European Union and the UK.
In the autumn this year, the British Government is expected to leave the European Union law and all of the laws of the European Union will be merged into British law and hope that the European Union and the United Kingdom to October 2018 would complete talks about the separation between. October 2018 and 2019, the European Council and the European Parliament, the House of Parliament between the March agreement, voting, and will be the European Union, officially the British in March 2019. It should be clear that the British people have voted in favor of separation from the European Union in June 2016, after which the Prime Minister has announced that this will be a regular in March 2017.