Indo-Pakistani nuclear war may change stress, American General

Washington: the head of the U.S. Central Command General Joseph votl warn that tensions between India and Pakistan in the nuclear war traditional issued may change from time to time. The US Senate Armed Services Committee members selected in answer questions u.s. central command (siticom) on the diplomatic front, said Pakistan votl Chief General Joseph to isolate India with Pakistan and bilateral contacts, and tension was continuously put an obstacle in the talks is that may be dangerous results. The US Senate Armed Services Committee, General Joseph votl warned the traditional Indo-Pakistani tensions growing between the two countries, “” nuclear weapons can become the reason of war means a nuclear exchange.

Bhamrtaaon Pak-Afghan forces are in themselves, “said votl but Pakistan on its eastern border from India does not pay enough attention to their western border fails to give due to live luxuriously, who is from Afghanistan. American votl based on intelligence reports said that at least 20 at that time on the Pak-Afghan border, terrorist groups are working are operate from Afghanistan 13 group.