Indian Hindu extremists attack in Gujarat at 2 Muslim martyr

Islamabad: Prime Minister’s native state of Gujarat Narendra Modi blessed once again has been narrow land for Muslims, thousands of Muslim extremist Hindus o a small village, and dozens of people injured by the attack on 2. According to Indian media reports, 5,000 Hindus from the Indian State of Gujarat when radar wall small village at 3 border attack killed a dozen people was kosha 2, in which 5 people is critical condition. The attackers also burned 30 homes and several vehicles while the police have registered a case of murder was refused.
With regard to the attack when police took the detainee to trial entry by suspicious Muslims, but at the same time when the Hindu also has a similar case against Muslims. After the events in an environment of intimidation and fear, and tens of thousands of area Muslims have been forced to leave their homes once again. On the other hand, Hindus against Muslims are the puzzle also made saws surrounded reports. The conflict between Muslim and Hindu students, according to foreign media after the test was due to return to the stairs. Was the village near the Hindu student protestor armed and called people and tens of thousands of Muslims who have brought several houses and injured by violence on Muslims.