In Paris, French language speaking of controversial law on foreign workers

Paris-the French capital of Paris on the construction sites, local government workers have to speak another language, French language, rather than as the controversial law of fanaticism. According to British media, local government workers working on construction sites of Paris, the French-language speaking is bound to the name of the new law had been called “asmal Business Act”. During the construction work under the new law was to speak to the French language instead of foreign workers is to ensure that the construction work is to move the rate of local people. The new law calls for the foreign companies in the French language to speak to make that the law has been extended to the areas of transport, training range. Paris Regional Vice President says new law Charter gerom was the need of the hour is that foreign companies targeted foreign companies to lower wages with workers who don’t know the language, French brings to such companies need to improve.

The new law on Government construction site workers to carry out strictly spoken language of is planning to recruit Inspector for checking. Like other areas of France, Paris, France, and given I aelops crying Oran estimates how many hits meet normande type of law is that the new law on construction safety, officials say, but it will help 500,000 foreign workers will be affected. On the other hand, the French Government strongly oppose the law of European Union labour from Eastern Europe, under which lower wages and other countries to work on common people related to France and Ukraine at lower wages in other countries perform the services.