In Indian-occupied Kashmir by Indian forces occupying Kashmir killed 3 more

Srinagar: Indian-occupied Kashmir in the bug am the area of occupying armies have killed by the manufacturer 3 Kashmiris markers. According to Indian-occupied Kashmir Media service area chair in occupying bug am Indian troops surrounded some youth who was accompanied to other Kashmiris protest Indian troops reached there on them, which resulted in dozens of Kashmiri Shaheed and 3 injured. Saqib Ahmad Zahid Rashid and the youth who identified with the names of the 2.
On the other hand, the Foreign Office spokesman condemned the killing of Kashmiris in the Indian-occupied Kashmir, sophisticated Zakaria said the occupying Indian forces Palestinians martyred Kashmiris. It should be noted that in July last year after the martyrdom of Wani argument started in Indian-occupied Kashmir from the freedom movement to crush the Indian army occupation in the Valley for the cruelties at the hands of the Indian force until the response is have been injured hundreds of Kashmiri demonstrators occupying army killed are hundreds of Kashmiri using the palette on the gun of their vision have.