Google’s new app g-chat announced to end.

San Francisco: Google search engine and the Web service famous company announced that Google talk or Gmail Chat and its app in the next few months and should be blocked. Google talk or Gmail Chat from Google to close the app and use it after the place of the millions of users that Google will be able to use the application used a slightly hang out. That’s because experts have shown that Google wants to change in certain applications and facilities. This year from June 26, Gmail Chat or chat will be closed both the service and phone app by the name of Google and will be of use handout was introduced four years ago. G-chat for the first time in 2005, came first appeared.
Google also made the decision that he relies on chatting and messaging for finishing and also map x because of all the main thing is that now you’ve adopted the habit of hanging out Google. According to a rough estimation, more than 75 million people use Gmail Chat regularly. There is also the option of Google voice. Google has said that it is defined on their website in the next few months will be aware of it and to all users to use Android (operating system) has said it would install the app from the store play hang out.