Facebook will now point to suicide

New York-Facebook online after the events and the growing suicide to remedy this introduced the new technology called the “arta feshl intelligence technology” has been the name of the. Facebook is by arta feshl intelligence system was introduced to identify individuals will want to commit suicide, Facebook will automatically send your friends a man warning sign system which means that your friends are experiencing severe stress, which is why they take extreme steps. Arta feshl intelligence technology to suicide under the friends have a user and all the details will become, after which they provided an option to the person who can make suggestions or to suicide in it at this point to help immediately by two-thirds.

Arta feshl intelligence on Facebook as an option will be available in the US currently tentatively after the success of the Facebook users around the world, it will be provided. Recently, many people have the option of using Facebook in America live to commit suicide, especially to young viewers, including the daughter who have ended their lives from problems for Facebook through Facebook from live and steps are being taken to prevent suicide.