Facebook live Messenger share location

New York-Facebook Messenger now you can tell your friends about your location not only directly, but you’ll be able to exchange an hour of the location. This new feature of Facebook, you’ve lost your friends a densely place directly on this feature and you can tell about your location as you can tell, means direct location hours your friends will see your location hours. Facebook live on your map to use the option lakes will see the current location of which there will be option after pressing the blue tape that will be where your friends will continue to address at this point and a duration of hours and who will friend you share your location it will find out about this place well not only this By car to reach this place as much as time will know also.
At the lower end of the map will be one hour in which you will be coming live duration of location and anytime you can also turn off the option by pressing the tape button again. It should be noted that the location provides Google map and the convenience of life have already Apple users, but Facebook Messenger in this option will be able to use it after a large number of users.