-Extremely small eyes akabe smart camera ready

Germany-University of asttgart, Germany, invented a tiny camera is big, by engaging in a view clearly see more detail and a specific part of this differential is capable of with. The ability to look in the eyes of the most way that keeping the focus got a larger view can see more detail on its prey, and that they are the best in the birds as the Hunter. This ability is also in human eyes but for at a distance.

Who invented it, engineers say it can work up to the camera, from surgeons to raise because it is too small in derons it on the place of the traditional camera body aando scope can be used for internal review. On the other hand a high flight automatic plane (drone) this is installed in the camera, but not only will provide a broad and clear to view as well as the ability to better target will also point out. The details of the invention have been published in the “Journal of science” “seven-day research.