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Washington: American President Donald Trump in the positions of the loved ones and relatives divided democratic party opposed to the party, which started expressed reservations. According to the foreign news agency us President Donald Trump after the post-Cabinet sworn in for close friends and businessmen, and his son Jared chose to Kushner posted and now Senior Advisor Senior Advisor is appointed on a regular basis also Trump sahib Azadi yon ka. According to the statement released by the White House, the President has been appointed Senior Advisor Trump yon ka however they will not pay any government services while also Kushner her husband Jared are a senior advisor to the President are serving without compensation.
On the other hand, the 35-year-old after coming to power, narrated by Donald Trump’s son ka as part of the Government Affairs, unannounced, and that along with his father, he was Japan’s Prime Minister under Merkel, German Chancellor, and the Canadian Prime Minister, bay shine troops Justin, and they met at the White House with Angela already was an Office. It should be clear that work as Donald Trump’s real estate, the son in law of the traders and they’re associated with part of his father’s business yon ka fashion but both have no experience in political affairs.