Decorated with pure gold shoe

Rome, Italy: Italian popular tv show for the first time a precious designer shoe is a pure gold and 230 g, which has developed its price is more than 27 million rupees. According to the Italian designer who prepared this shoe pairs of at least 230 g 24 karat gold and buys the shoes, it is estimated this will be the FATF forwarded by helicopter at home when the price is at least a couple of RS 27 lakh 40 thousand. In the northern city of Turin Italy shoes are made according to and limited to countries in the Middle Saudi Arabia, will be the Gulf because its good and appreciative customers can be found.
According to the designer, it is the world’s first shoe is a cuff link air at 24 gold but the gold button or when it is an important part of the shoes. The first gold in 2016 for men and designer footwear and gold for women by the end of the year, the price of the shoe can also prepare the RS 30 Lakhs. According to him, on the inclusion of shoes and gold air at 24 comfortable was a challenge to the hard work of several months was on.
It should be noted that at this time, the being made in Italy high-quality items are produced under the movement of these Med Italy when their sumptuous and precious wealth of the Gulf oil countries find markets for the items are used.