Chocolate Festival in Turkey, Donald Trump’s popular sculpture chakli

Istanbul: in Turkey, chocolate sweets, chocolate, cream and ice cream in the Festival every year, which are presented in a unique but this time drew to the chocolate and ice cake that we President Donald Trump is a statue of. It is the hard work of two days of Turkey statue maker is prepared by back woman chakli to the torso of the statue is Trump. It is chocolate, cream and ice cream can be eaten everything follows from, which is designed so that Trump’s tie also is made of chocolate. the amazing statues are in the near of the fact. Istanbul military museum is placed sculptures made in John Lennon and Nelson Mandela, German Chancellor includes a concession (Idol). According to the most difficult concession came in to create a statue of which they are a signal with his finger, while forward arm. The minutiae are the in three weeks to complete. However, the media are promoting their new task of Trump e. In a recent exhibition in Germany under Merkel, last year our creative work are the attack.