Children living with a father are better development

Man: British experts have an interesting survey has revealed that the children live with his father, he was not only happy, healthy, psychological and physically much better under five. In the survey, the British experts, who live with his father that was proved not only to be able to find a better development physically healthy, happy, psychological and that there has been clear about the importance of his father’s important role in the House. Not only is he who findeth his own career with his father, while they are also managed. But the survey’s second point is that if the place of the father were step father be with children, it have no real impact on children’s health and well-being. It demonstrated that may take place, but they never stepfather father, nor have any effect on improving welfare and children too.
London School of Economics, have reviewed a thousand children for the survey and overview of the economic situation, education, health, and other important trends from that time was 7 years old, the average age when children started to. According to this survey, but the father, stepfather and only children who live with her mother, was reviewed. The research found that when a family to step, stepfather, are the same issues were already. In addition, children’s educational performance did not see much harm, crime, and attitudes. The survey was also seen that if he dies, and the father in the House, the left, or problems that affect children, and they are not resolved by the arrival of the stepfather.