Facebook Messenger in the amount ‘ started test ‘ button

San : most popular social media site Facebook said to his Messenger “” e “” displeasure in the distance but it is currently testing karadia introduced button.   Up to July last year, Facebook Messenger, a billion people were present when the whole Facebook system 2 billion people were using. The Facebook Messenger was introduced in 2011, which lets users ... Read More »

Hundreds of the latest NASA software is absolutely free!

Houston, Texas: the US space agency, “NASA,” said hundreds of the latest software free downloads online produced. Their software is neither a royalty on demand downloading and the use of copyright laws has been banned, but for general use are free. All of these software’s “NASA technology transfer Office ‘, ‘ who have already released 2 times in NASA prepared ... Read More »

It destroyed immediately if sound system, mobile phone

Sol: Saudi Arabia’s security system in the case of the stolen mobile phone engineers have developed which can only be stolen mobile phone in 10 seconds. In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah University of science and technology (now tv’s) have made the security system of electrical engineers. IE6 according to the report published in a journal can EEA aims is to ... Read More »

Take heed! Your tv, you’re spying

Paris: Wikileaks, the American intelligence agency CIA secret devices used in hacking by the detailed list of issues, in which the Windows (operating system), and in addition to the Apple operating systems include Linux computers. According to the details released by Wikileaks CIA spy mobile software, smart modern tv and Internet to the calling service, while used as online video ... Read More »

‘ Solar probe plus spacecraft will uncover the secrets of the Sun “

space to get awareness of hidden secrets of sending spacecraft began in the 20th century. In a few decades, the Moon, Mars, Venus, mercury and nipchon many asteroid were sent by the spacecraft. Fully equipped modern research about space and space ships, the heavenly bodies made invaluable information delivery man. Even today, many on the land of the orbits of ... Read More »

They released a list of the world’s most popular, Google Apps

California: five-year platform for Google this week will play in increasing the popularity of Google play and now has reached one of the 190 countries even growing billion users, and this is the most popular app for years, it has been declared. With the help of Google apps in the world’s largest app platform can access. Apps, games, films, books ... Read More »

MIT has brain-controlled robot achieved important

Boston: chiosits Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have set up a whole system in which human beings can control their impulses in the form of robots and robot brain spontaneously is correct. Arta feshl in computer science and MIT robot named bekstr Intelligence Lab experts is created by a complex robot control and mental power alone, it seems like a ... Read More »

China’s latest spacecraft to reach the Moon, declared

Beijing: China’s national space agency, China National Space Administration (CNS), the same time the latest spacecraft to the moon to several  announced to prepare. According to the official Chinese news agency CNS, senior engineer, said binian sang this new spacecraft will match the American space ship but he did not tell more about the details of the project. Although China ... Read More »