Sam stone Rilke s 8 and s 8 plus pragma kicking off

Seoul: a glikse flag of the ship hit the Smartphone of iPhone Announces s 8 and s 8 plus karakia introduced. Samsung announces Galaxy note after the failure of 7 now 2 new smartphones with Smartphones iPhone counter which introduced over the weekend. 5.8-inch screen, 8 s. stone and Sam 8 plus 6.2-inch screen Android phone in which contains 7.0 ... Read More »

Google’s new app g-chat announced to end.

San Francisco: Google search engine and the Web service famous company announced that Google talk or Gmail Chat and its app in the next few months and should be blocked. Google talk or Gmail Chat from Google to close the app and use it after the place of the millions of users that Google will be able to use the ... Read More »

Facebook live Messenger share location

New York-Facebook Messenger now you can tell your friends about your location not only directly, but you’ll be able to exchange an hour of the location. This new feature of Facebook, you’ve lost your friends a densely place directly on this feature and you can tell about your location as you can tell, means direct location hours your friends will ... Read More »

Now Facebook Messenger will not run on each phone

Ashton: Facebook a few days later, his Messenger to close several important apps on smartphones is announced. Keyless Facebook blog that some smartphones running on Windows (operating system) using 10 devices tv 55 tv, and phones and devices for support is finished. In addition, 10 October 2011 or earlier IOS for iPad’s 26, and Messenger’s support is also 8. The ... Read More »

Breaking of traffic jam

Today, not only has the usual traffic jams in towns, cities to be. Sometimes a man is impossible to get that walketh badly in the traffic jam. And Yes, that is certainly your car take from others.  The idea for an American company to make the same unique cast. The famous American telecommunication company needed a car for a person ... Read More »

Only 5 hours from New York to Islamabad in one passenger plane

Denver, Colorado: America’s private company, the little voice, ” technology is traveling at the speed of passenger plane prototype as his first test flight last week: come unto the marriage. This commercial prank 2.2 times more than the sound of a plane (Mach number 2.2) means you will be able to travel with the speed of 2334 km per hour. ... Read More »

-Extremely small eyes akabe smart camera ready

Germany-University of asttgart, Germany, invented a tiny camera is big, by engaging in a view clearly see more detail and a specific part of this differential is capable of with. The ability to look in the eyes of the most way that keeping the focus got a larger view can see more detail on its prey, and that they are ... Read More »

Facebook will now point to suicide

New York-Facebook online after the events and the growing suicide to remedy this introduced the new technology called the “arta feshl intelligence technology” has been the name of the. Facebook is by arta feshl intelligence system was introduced to identify individuals will want to commit suicide, Facebook will automatically send your friends a man warning sign system which means that ... Read More »

The battery charge faster and 3 times more than ready save electricity

Austin, Texas: American and Portuguese have a team of experts, eco-friendly solid state battery can be charged faster, but that is not only prepared my customary 3 times more electricity than the bitras ion  can also store. University of Texas Austin 94-year-old author and inventor of the ion battery in John gdainf’s guidance, other experts have prepared a completely solid ... Read More »

5 times strong iron cloth dress up

Scientists at the University of  in Japan: okao contains, a light-weight cloth is extremely flexible, but that is not only produced 5 times more iron is also strong. The cloth which FR SC means ‘ ‘ kmpost ‘ ‘ anforsd software has been the name of the fiber recycling, water from the  and glass fiber fabric is designed by the ... Read More »