Also in China, “” car copy of Pakistani graffiti became the ‘ square ‘

The people of the two countries, the economic effects of the Pak-China Islamabad: transit are coming closer to each other, however, the Chinese copy of the Pakistani artisan graffiti made ” an ” is a square. Glaucoma, according to Chinese news agency China global network of the province of China, located in the East of the city, a city in ... Read More »

Approval of resolutions in support of Palestine in the United Nations 4

United Nations: the United Nations Human Rights Council has a clear majority in support of Palestine with 4 approved resolutions. According to the report, the Palestinian information center, the United Nations Human Rights Council has approved 4 is one of the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel in Gaza and Jordan in the rights violation in the second, the ... Read More »

OIC Commission of India refused to visit occupied Kashmir

New Delhi/Islamabad: India of human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir suffering from fear of unfolding the veil, and the OIC’s human rights Commission to visit the Valley is occupied by Anka Ker DIA, while Pakistan has allowed the Commission to visit voluntarily, the eight-member delegation of the Human Rights Commission will reach Islamabad today. According to the foreign news agency ... Read More »

In Indian-occupied Kashmir after the martyrdom of youth protests

Srinagar: Indian police have captured after the Kashmiri youth in fake competition in different areas of the occupied Valley protests. According to the lauan tip area of Kashmir Media service in the police car in the entire district of Pulwama had 2 young people were killed by gunfire, identified by the name of Wani and Farooq Ahmad Shahbaz Shafi is ... Read More »

Afghan clashes kill 30 extremists were killed and 8

Kabul/Washington: as a result of crashes in Afghanistan, 30 extremists 300 more us troops were killed while 8 people and is announced. According to Afghan media, an American drone the terrorist’s information that Taliban hideout and attacked with missiles on 2 Asian which terrorists were killed and several injured. A search operation is underway in the area to search for ... Read More »

On the contrary, the young son of Pakistani citizens in Dubai were 10 Indian killers

Dubai: the United Arab Emirates Mohammed Riaz Peshawar young son in 10 Indian killers Ahmadinejad death they were forgiven. In the United Arab Emirates in 2015, according to the foreign news agency for the provision of dispute with Indians on Peshawar resident Mohammed Farhan was on which he was killed, local court Farhan all killers were sentenced to death according ... Read More »

On the installation of the juvenile system in South Korea China’s missile threat to America

Beijing: China-us, the installation of the juvenile system in South Korea missile beware of dire consequences, saying the measure will increase tension in the region. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, according to the foreign news agency in South Korea to America missile fracture system (anti missile system) on the installation of the dire consequences he said we had strong supporters, but ... Read More »

Iraqi forces in Mosul have taken from the possession of the Government installed daash

According to the news agency from the foreign occupation of Mosul by Iraqi forces, daash to 19 February begins with the operation quickly, and after a severe fight forces gained control of the key Government and install the Museum had. According to the joint operations command of the Iraqi federal police and elite rapid rspons unit troops against daash are ... Read More »

The attack on a military hospital in Afghanistan, 30 people were killed and 70 injured

Military hospital near the American Embassy in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan: terrorists attack 30 people were killed and 70 injured when the security forces operation at 4 attackers were killed. In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, according to foreign news agency close to the country’s largest American Embassy Mohammad Daud Khan military hospital attack by terrorists as a result of ... Read More »

The US Senate in the presidential elections of the Russian public to ‘ probe ‘

Washington, DC-the US Senate Intelligence Committee said that the alleged Russia’s presidential elections, nonce Devon probe will be open beginning Ma rch 20 will be. The head of the US Senate Intelligence Committee in November last year and nonce Devon us presidential election, announced an investigation of the Russian intervention in March 20, said much of the hearings should be ... Read More »