Trump’s new order suspends indefinite travel restrictions

Washington: the US State of Hawaii Federal Judge President Donald Trump 6 Muslim countries by the new travel restrictions that apply to command indefinitely is suspended. According to the foreign news agency, was in court on behalf of the State of Hawaii to take the American President with the decision of both tourism and the arrival of the international students ... Read More »

Posted in India, the Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit decided to change

Islamabad Pakistani High Commissioner stationed in India: Salaam Abdul Basit, Pakistani ambassadors stationed in different countries including, it was decided to change it. The Government of Pakistan has deployed in different countries according to express news Pakistani ambassadors it was decided to change it. According to sources, Pakistani High Commissioner stationed in India change in Turkey’s Ambassador Abdul Basit Sohail ... Read More »

Wagah, highest pool border Indian flag missing

Mercer: India-Pakistan Wagah border the attic during the last 10 days because of the Indian flag was not hoisted the flag on the pool is, “to explode of 360 feet high. Indian Government where their troops can not correctly 2 times meal there is the claim your rise day by day in the defense budget ever open without the pool ... Read More »

The war on drugs is also Jihad, Saudi Grand Mufti

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said, calling for drug prevention to the war on drugs is Jihad. According to the Arab tv in terms of drug prevention seminar held in Riyadh, speaking at the Saudi Grand Mufti abdal Aziz al sheik said that the use of drugs, of human understanding and capabilities, will destroy all the people ... Read More »

In different cities of America by shooting kills 6, injures 17

Washington: in different cities of America shooting killed 6 people injured. According to state media reports claimed the shooting in Sanford Florida City killed one man and wounded, while one person was killed in the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania State 5 viewers. The city of Chicago and the State State Arkansas Ellison in join bro cities of shooting 6 people ... Read More »

Akash parliamentarians vote in favor of the referendum for separation from Britain for driving

Eden-im-Breisgau: British Prime Minister to save national unity face steep hurdles, and now Scotland, members of Parliament voted in favor of the referendum also made for separation. In the Parliament of Scotland, according to the foreign news agency from the UK for the second time to the process of voting for the referendum was held in which a majority of ... Read More »

The rockets came from the Saudi warplanes were in the air missile biolistic 4 pressman, Arab media

Riyadh: Saudi air defense unit were destroyed in the air missile fire from across the border biolistic produced 4. According to Arab media, Saudi Arabia army air defense unit in the South of the country, from cities, has Yemen Khamis mushy and destroyed in the atmosphere from going on biolistic missile produced 4. Officials said the four entered the Saudi ... Read More »

In Indian-occupied Kashmir by Indian forces occupying Kashmir killed 3 more

Srinagar: Indian-occupied Kashmir in the bug am the area of occupying armies have killed by the manufacturer 3 Kashmiris markers. According to Indian-occupied Kashmir Media service area chair in occupying bug am Indian troops surrounded some youth who was accompanied to other Kashmiris protest Indian troops reached there on them, which resulted in dozens of Kashmiri Shaheed and 3 injured. ... Read More »

Tribe prostitot letter from the European Union, British Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Britain from the European Union wine man started a letter to sign, he said. According to the British media after a letter sent by the of Britain from Elim, and all the action the European Union will be launched officially, this letter will be delivered to the President of the European Council to the Cabinet meeting, ... Read More »

Occupied by the Indian army in Indian-occupied Kashmir on the eve of martyrdom of Kashmiris strike 3

Srinagar: Indian-occupied Kashmir by Indian forces last day 3 call of Hurriyat Conference in the Valley on the martyrdom of Kashmiris on the shutter down strike is going. Martyrs at the hands of Indian forces in the last days according to Kashmir Media service who was 3 was paid in KUL gem district youth funeral home in which thousands of ... Read More »