Our priority is no longer to remove Syrian President Bashar, America

New York: us Ambassador United Nations, Nikki Hailey said that our priority was not to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar. During the tenure of former us President Barack Obama, the US Government in other countries in the region, including Syria, Bashar’s Government was subject to the end of peace, through their coalition in the Middle East countries for this evening ... Read More »

More on the Palestinian land, Israel’s announcement to build new settlements

Tel Aviv: Israeli Cabinet approves controversial plan to build more settlements on the Western Bank unanimously approved for the Jews on Palestinian land is more 2000 houses will be built. These areas of the Palestinian land, located on the West Bank from Israel, where the occupation of 1967 till now have been built for Jews in Polish, while 126 were ... Read More »

Gersh Antonio, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic teachings are the world measures dash

New York/Amman: the United Nations Secretary General Antonio goitres said that terrorism should not be linked with Islam, are the actions of the World Islamic teachings, death aura LQ aada. According to foreign media, Secretary-General of the United Nations in addressing the Arab League Summit, new gotras to said the militants hate Splice, the rise in anti-Islamic hate with Islam ... Read More »

The New York Police Department Sergeant appointed young Pakistani American elite

New York-the New York Police Department and joined the young Pakistani-American elite were history. According to Pakistani-American tv don’t forget Sgt. Ali Javed emergency unit New York City America’s elite City Police Department and has already holds the honor of Muslims joined. On the other hand, the New York Police social networking Web site Twitter, department officer society congratulates the ... Read More »

The clash killed 13 bus and truck in the US

Texas-Americans in Texas as a result of the Church’s van and truck kills 13 while 2 injured. According to the foreign news agency, the U.S. State of Texas was the local church with the truck, van, which resulted in 13 people killed when the truck and Van drivers were injured as a result of the incident, 2 all the people ... Read More »

Letter from the European Union, Britain, British Ambassador at the Council gathered in karada

Brussels: Britain’s European Union began to break away from the British Ambassador for European Durbin and Tim BERU has gathered in the European Council a written letter in this regard karakia. According to the Prime Minister, the news agency of the European Union on behalf of the foreign for article 50 signed a written letter from the British Ambassador to ... Read More »

Barack Obama has revealed a telephone tape of Trump rental, Wikileaks

Washington: Wikileaks reveal that America’s former President Barack Obama in 2016, Trump Tower and Trump telephone spying of the United Nations, while Italy, Germany and another rental tape, even European countries and media representatives were also spying. According to the American media have issued new documents with the name of the Wikileaks exercise Vault. According to documents of the United ... Read More »

Hindu extremism, Muslims in India was more difficult to live

Chandigarh: Gina of Muslims by Hindu extremists in India try to make more difficult after the State of Haryana and Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, while the speed also gives extremists 500 meat shops shut. According to the Indian media in the village of Haryana city of Gur extremists were close meat shops on restaurant tog heir Alki action lock occurred. It ... Read More »

Donald Trump after the son daughter mqrrkerdia Senior Advisor

Washington: American President Donald Trump in the positions of the loved ones and relatives divided democratic party opposed to the party, which started expressed reservations. According to the foreign news agency us President Donald Trump after the post-Cabinet sworn in for close friends and businessmen, and his son Jared chose to Kushner posted and now Senior Advisor Senior Advisor is ... Read More »

British helicopter crashes, 5 killed

Wales: Wales destroyed Britain’s independent State in the North, helicopters dropped as a result of the 5 people. According to the foreign news agency, the helicopter was missing the day before while going to Dublin from British area tumbler, after which it began a search operation to find out, but today, falling helicopter in mountainous terrain in Northern Wales after ... Read More »