Experts managed to completely end diabetes in experimental

California: the world of diabetes has been gripped, but now the University of California have put a medicine which has received success in eliminating diabetes as experimental. It has been restored at least in the process of signing insulin and blood sugar to normal without any medicine is at hand. Countries around the world like Pakistan’s population is suffering from ... Read More »

To worship is better mental health, research in isolation

Philadelphia: American experts have discovered that those who live in isolation and meditation retreats, intervals, their mental health is fresh, and they are not mental anxiety and stress, as well as a victim of, including depression. The Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia, 24-team of experts studied the results of the research on 14 volunteers of the year 76 journal, published ... Read More »

The discovery also will create new blood

California: If you believe that the work of the lungs and blood oxygen in the blood by absorption of air, only adding carbon dye oxide is to drive, you are imperfect information scientists have also blood that makes this fresh discovery in others. Before this, we knew that the blood in the bone marrow is ready, but the University of ... Read More »

The use of GPS, creating disabled human brain research

London: global positioning system, namely, the growing use of GPS to guide section in the human brain to gradually creating a weak and disabled. University College London’s author Amir Javid Humayun and his colleagues did a study on the results of the research which the volunteers 24 journals (Journal) are published online in the “while” “. Complicated routes passing through ... Read More »

Also useful for patients, research AOR shog KE weight banana

Banana is the fruit of not only energy but also to cure several diseases is hidden but for some people, without exception, to refrain from eating a banana, even though the reality is opposite. For patients with diabetes: it is said that banana is harmful to health, but in reality, there are diabetes patients not being included in the banana ... Read More »

Poison spider is effective in the brain after stroke to prevent being totally paralyzed, research

Queens ‘ College, Cambridge, from low oxygen and blood to the brain from the stroke: brain cells destroyed quickly, and this is a risk of the patient’s death and disability later poison spider, however, may be helpful in this State. Australia’s University of scientists have from the fnal poison of Web is in the form of a brain stroke pulled ... Read More »

Children living with a father are better development

Man: British experts have an interesting survey has revealed that the children live with his father, he was not only happy, healthy, psychological and physically much better under five. In the survey, the British experts, who live with his father that was proved not only to be able to find a better development physically healthy, happy, psychological and that there ... Read More »

The strange blue lights for children needs life disease

The victim of a strange disease, a four-year-old child in the UK: lotion and 20 hours daily to maintain his life is placed in special blue lights. Ismail Ali, this girl is a victim of a disease which is called the “finger killer syndrome which so far only 100 are affected as soon as the patient report. Ismail’s special room, ... Read More »

Carpet AOR HAL Che clean up easy home methods

Who does not want that to be with beautiful new things every now and it is the beauty of the home carpet or be messy and this would seem impossible without glitchy kept PR jati like grand, but also the beauty of home easy, then adopted the methods of your household carpets will always, as routine as new AOR HAL ... Read More »

Advantages of lemon guise

If you can squeeze lemon juice into warm water in a glass in the morning, daily drinking habit, then it will be amazing impact on your health. Century-old strategy for good health and medical experts are also modern utilities which experienced and say that the lemon juice, vitamin c, potassium and vitamin b in addition includes a healthy roghnyat  that ... Read More »