Breaking of traffic jam

Today, not only has the usual traffic jams in towns, cities to be. Sometimes a man is impossible to get that walketh badly in the traffic jam. And Yes, that is certainly your car take from others.  The idea for an American company to make the same unique cast. The famous American telecommunication company needed a car for a person ad that can’t be five to six feet high in the air. He was born attics a special company thinks mood ‘ ‘ (Thinkmodo) had contact. A day after the hard work of scientists think Shabana mood Su’s (support utility wheel) was prepared, which is capable of being the “high five” at the feet. “We ” “this unique vehicle (Hum Rider) was named. This vehicle feature is that if you get on and they will be stuck in a traffic jam just walk your way to and other vehicles with the click of a button an account.
And a jeep that did think Moro’s vegan installs in the system. A generator in the car system that activates the car moving devices are high. While the driver in the car with the help of the top of any car your riding takes live easily. “We prepared for a United ad, but when it came to social media video was viral. Soon, hundreds of people began to contact the Moro’s think. They also want five feet high in the atmosphere that car with cunning work. It is clear that the major problem in the US has become a traffic jam. Even the owner of the car that people no longer wish to be on the floor while other vehicles are loot. The invention is the mother of necessity called. This mother, Sahiba, Hazrat would be created and how many strange inventions jane man!