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The rockets came from the Saudi warplanes were in the air missile biolistic 4 pressman, Arab media

Riyadh: Saudi air defense unit were destroyed in the air missile fire from across the border biolistic produced 4. According to Arab media, Saudi Arabia army air defense unit in the South of the country, from cities, has Yemen Khamis mushy and destroyed in the atmosphere from going on biolistic missile produced 4. Officials said the four entered the Saudi ... Read More »

In Indian-occupied Kashmir by Indian forces occupying Kashmir killed 3 more

Srinagar: Indian-occupied Kashmir in the bug am the area of occupying armies have killed by the manufacturer 3 Kashmiris markers. According to Indian-occupied Kashmir Media service area chair in occupying bug am Indian troops surrounded some youth who was accompanied to other Kashmiris protest Indian troops reached there on them, which resulted in dozens of Kashmiri Shaheed and 3 injured. ... Read More »

Tribe prostitot letter from the European Union, British Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Britain from the European Union wine man started a letter to sign, he said. According to the British media after a letter sent by the of Britain from Elim, and all the action the European Union will be launched officially, this letter will be delivered to the President of the European Council to the Cabinet meeting, ... Read More »

Occupied by the Indian army in Indian-occupied Kashmir on the eve of martyrdom of Kashmiris strike 3

Srinagar: Indian-occupied Kashmir by Indian forces last day 3 call of Hurriyat Conference in the Valley on the martyrdom of Kashmiris on the shutter down strike is going. Martyrs at the hands of Indian forces in the last days according to Kashmir Media service who was 3 was paid in KUL gem district youth funeral home in which thousands of ... Read More »

Trump said Obama era of environmental protection law, revoking

Washington: American President Donald Trump were introduced during the reign of his predecessor, Barack Obama cancel the law of environmental protection from the US once again reiterated its determination to create a rich country, he said. American President Donald Trump gave former President Barack Obama’s climate change (climate change) to cancel the policy on presidential orders produced signed, after which ... Read More »

Indian Hindu extremists attack in Gujarat at 2 Muslim martyr

Islamabad: Prime Minister’s native state of Gujarat Narendra Modi blessed once again has been narrow land for Muslims, thousands of Muslim extremist Hindus o a small village, and dozens of people injured by the attack on 2. According to Indian media reports, 5,000 Hindus from the Indian State of Gujarat when radar wall small village at 3 border attack killed ... Read More »

In different cities of America by shooting kills 6, injures 17

In different cities of America: Washington shooting killed 6 people injured. According to state media reports claimed the shooting in Sanford Florida City killed one man and wounded, while one person was killed in the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania State 5 viewers. The city of Chicago and the State Arkansas Ellison in join bro cities of shooting 6 people were ... Read More »

Breaking of traffic jam

Today, not only has the usual traffic jams in towns, cities to be. Sometimes a man is impossible to get that walketh badly in the traffic jam. And Yes, that is certainly your car take from others.  The idea for an American company to make the same unique cast. The famous American telecommunication company needed a car for a person ... Read More »

Only 5 hours from New York to Islamabad in one passenger plane

Denver, Colorado: America’s private company, the little voice, ” technology is traveling at the speed of passenger plane prototype as his first test flight last week: come unto the marriage. This commercial prank 2.2 times more than the sound of a plane (Mach number 2.2) means you will be able to travel with the speed of 2334 km per hour. ... Read More »

American State of Ohio nightclub shooting, one person was killed and 14 injured

American State of Ohio nightclub shooting, one person was killed and 14 injured in the nightclub shooting of Ohio State, one person was killed and 14 more comments Tweet share your Web  Sunday, March 26, 2017, event likely to be terror action, police, photo: file is possibly the incident of terrorism action, police, photo File: Washington: American gunman in the ... Read More »