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Decorated with pure gold shoe

Rome, Italy: Italian popular tv show for the first time a precious designer shoe is a pure gold and 230 g, which has developed its price is more than 27 million rupees. According to the Italian designer who prepared this shoe pairs of at least 230 g 24 karat gold and buys the shoes, it is estimated this will be ... Read More »

American airline kicked out 2 girls for wearing tights on plane

United airline doesn’t have 2 girls wearing clothes from the passenger ship Guardia objectionable when a girl was allowed to travel after the epitome sheets on legs.  According to the United news agency of foreign have 3 girls they are fitting in due to wear and warned that this kind of dress and travel in the plane body is against ... Read More »

One of the four and a half million pieces of Strawberry

We eat in order to get the nutritional fruit but also as a place in Japanese society. When a special occasion, like a wedding, come may be to go to the hospital to meet him or to meet patient’s boss, the Japanese love to buy fruits for the hosts. Japanese business an intelligent fellow, the same habit as the best ... Read More »

100 kg Gold coin theft from Museum of Germany

Berlin: Germany 100 kg of a pure gold coin from the Museum of stolen. According to the foreign news agency internationally renowned Museum located in the German capital, Berlin from 53 cm of the who and its thickness 3 cm is more than an inch, even when that weight is 100 kg. The extremely pure gold coin used within Guinness ... Read More »

The strange blue lights for children needs life disease

The victim of a strange disease, a four-year-old child in the UK: lotion and 20 hours daily to maintain his life is placed in special blue lights. Ismail Ali, this girl is a victim of a disease which is called the “finger killer syndrome which so far only 100 are affected as soon as the patient report. Ismail’s special room, ... Read More »

Now Facebook Messenger will not run on each phone

Ashton: Facebook a few days later, his Messenger to close several important apps on smartphones is announced. Keyless Facebook blog that some smartphones running on Windows (operating system) using 10 devices tv 55 tv, and phones and devices for support is finished. In addition, 10 October 2011 or earlier IOS for iPad’s 26, and Messenger’s support is also 8. The ... Read More »

Carpet AOR HAL Che clean up easy home methods

Who does not want that to be with beautiful new things every now and it is the beauty of the home carpet or be messy and this would seem impossible without glitchy kept PR jati like grand, but also the beauty of home easy, then adopted the methods of your household carpets will always, as routine as new AOR HAL ... Read More »

The war on drugs is also Jihad, Saudi Grand Mufti

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said, calling for drug prevention to the war on drugs is Jihad. According to the Arab tv in terms of drug prevention seminar held in Riyadh, speaking at the Saudi Grand Mufti abdal Aziz al sheik said that the use of drugs, of human understanding and capabilities, will destroy all the people ... Read More »

In different cities of America by shooting kills 6, injures 17

Washington: in different cities of America shooting killed 6 people injured. According to state media reports claimed the shooting in Sanford Florida City killed one man and wounded, while one person was killed in the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania State 5 viewers. The city of Chicago and the State State Arkansas Ellison in join bro cities of shooting 6 people ... Read More »

Akash parliamentarians vote in favor of the referendum for separation from Britain for driving

Eden-im-Breisgau: British Prime Minister to save national unity face steep hurdles, and now Scotland, members of Parliament voted in favor of the referendum also made for separation. In the Parliament of Scotland, according to the foreign news agency from the UK for the second time to the process of voting for the referendum was held in which a majority of ... Read More »