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Hindu extremism, Muslims in India was more difficult to live

Chandigarh: Gina of Muslims by Hindu extremists in India try to make more difficult after the State of Haryana and Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, while the speed also gives extremists 500 meat shops shut. According to the Indian media in the village of Haryana city of Gur extremists were close meat shops on restaurant tog heir Alki action lock occurred. It ... Read More »

Donald Trump after the son daughter mqrrkerdia Senior Advisor

Washington: American President Donald Trump in the positions of the loved ones and relatives divided democratic party opposed to the party, which started expressed reservations. According to the foreign news agency us President Donald Trump after the post-Cabinet sworn in for close friends and businessmen, and his son Jared chose to Kushner posted and now Senior Advisor Senior Advisor is ... Read More »

British helicopter crashes, 5 killed

Wales: Wales destroyed Britain’s independent State in the North, helicopters dropped as a result of the 5 people. According to the foreign news agency, the helicopter was missing the day before while going to Dublin from British area tumbler, after which it began a search operation to find out, but today, falling helicopter in mountainous terrain in Northern Wales after ... Read More »

Trump’s new order suspends indefinite travel restrictions

Washington: the US State of Hawaii Federal Judge President Donald Trump 6 Muslim countries by the new travel restrictions that apply to command indefinitely is suspended. According to the foreign news agency, was in court on behalf of the State of Hawaii to take the American President with the decision of both tourism and the arrival of the international students ... Read More »

Posted in India, the Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit decided to change

Islamabad Pakistani High Commissioner stationed in India: Salaam Abdul Basit, Pakistani ambassadors stationed in different countries including, it was decided to change it. The Government of Pakistan has deployed in different countries according to express news Pakistani ambassadors it was decided to change it. According to sources, Pakistani High Commissioner stationed in India change in Turkey’s Ambassador Abdul Basit Sohail ... Read More »

Wagah, highest pool border Indian flag missing

Mercer: India-Pakistan Wagah border the attic during the last 10 days because of the Indian flag was not hoisted the flag on the pool is, “to explode of 360 feet high. Indian Government where their troops can not correctly 2 times meal there is the claim your rise day by day in the defense budget ever open without the pool ... Read More »

Ronaldo Roto Child

Lisbon: famous Cristiano ft bales Ronaldo’s childhood friends say he called ‘ child ‘ to ‘ Ronaldo used roto. Portugal’s star in the field of their own eyes, and focus on just Ronaldo football Cristiano ft bales are round and round while the rival football players with quickness against the legend of ft bales but my burning II, reveal childhood ... Read More »

MODI of Sarkar, Indian Board allowed series from Pakistan deny Sankar

Mumbai: the end of big and the Chairman PCB Shahriar Khan threatened court actions on behalf of the Indian Cricket Board after the letter to his Government in order to allow mutual series, write, but MODI is cricket relations restore Dharma hit this value while Finder is not willing to give. According to Indian media, MODI Sarkar Indian Cricket Board ... Read More »

Chocolate Festival in Turkey, Donald Trump’s popular sculpture chakli

Istanbul: in Turkey, chocolate sweets, chocolate, cream and ice cream in the Festival every year, which are presented in a unique but this time drew to the chocolate and ice cake that we President Donald Trump is a statue of. It is the hard work of two days of Turkey statue maker is prepared by back woman chakli to the ... Read More »

Hundreds of thousands of American citizens on the day of the anniversary became the owner dealer

Michigan: in the US the exact amount of his birthday on the day of the man who won the 3 m is Pakistani RS. 3. Archie in World War II, us citizen named Smolinski and his daughter in law to bring a cash their tickets on which the password is gone and his substantial please his birthday day he submitted ... Read More »