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Myanmar’s army is on the Muslim world, UN

United Nations Special Envoy to Myanmar says the army and police took ingai a “Muslim minority are guilty of inhuman crimes. British broadcasters (the BBC) on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, speaking from the United Nations Special Envoy said that the Myanmar military and police perpetrators of crimes against Muslims, “they are going out to investigate charges Myanmar’s ... Read More »

In Paris, French language speaking of controversial law on foreign workers

Paris-the French capital of Paris on the construction sites, local government workers have to speak another language, French language, rather than as the controversial law of fanaticism. According to British media, local government workers working on construction sites of Paris, the French-language speaking is bound to the name of the new law had been called “asmal Business Act”. During the ... Read More »

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House invited Trump

Washington: American President, Donald Trump has in terms of peace negotiations with Israel, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House is invited. According to the British broadcaster American President Donald Trump gave Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over the phone, is invited to the White House. President Mahmoud Abbas’s spokesman says the President Trump said that he is 3 years ... Read More »