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Take heed! Your tv, you’re spying

Paris: Wikileaks, the American intelligence agency CIA secret devices used in hacking by the detailed list of issues, in which the Windows (operating system), and in addition to the Apple operating systems include Linux computers. According to the details released by Wikileaks CIA spy mobile software, smart modern tv and Internet to the calling service, while used as online video ... Read More »

‘ Solar probe plus spacecraft will uncover the secrets of the Sun “

space to get awareness of hidden secrets of sending spacecraft began in the 20th century. In a few decades, the Moon, Mars, Venus, mercury and nipchon many asteroid were sent by the spacecraft. Fully equipped modern research about space and space ships, the heavenly bodies made invaluable information delivery man. Even today, many on the land of the orbits of ... Read More »

They released a list of the world’s most popular, Google Apps

California: five-year platform for Google this week will play in increasing the popularity of Google play and now has reached one of the 190 countries even growing billion users, and this is the most popular app for years, it has been declared. With the help of Google apps in the world’s largest app platform can access. Apps, games, films, books ... Read More »

MIT has brain-controlled robot achieved important

Boston: chiosits Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have set up a whole system in which human beings can control their impulses in the form of robots and robot brain spontaneously is correct. Arta feshl in computer science and MIT robot named bekstr Intelligence Lab experts is created by a complex robot control and mental power alone, it seems like a ... Read More »

China’s latest spacecraft to reach the Moon, declared

Beijing: China’s national space agency, China National Space Administration (CNS), the same time the latest spacecraft to the moon to several  announced to prepare. According to the official Chinese news agency CNS, senior engineer, said binian sang this new spacecraft will match the American space ship but he did not tell more about the details of the project. Although China ... Read More »

The CIA also reveal secrets of hacking-related, not a single percent of Wikileaks

London: Wikileaks to reveal confidential information revealed that the American intelligence agency CIA related hacking so far were not even one percent, there are still a lot of information and general information that attacks will be released periodically. According to the British media Wikileaks over the past day, the CIA, through smart mobile phones and television by e-mail to the ... Read More »

Kill 5 chopper crashes in Siachen, killing pilot in Istanbul

Ankara: the Turkish city of Istanbul, local tv channel transmission tower of the helicopter fell down after he was kertbah as a result of which 5 people. According to the foreign news agency in Istanbul city of Turkey, local television channel helicopter crashed after the collision with the Tower failed, resulting in the helicopter died, including 5 people in 2 ... Read More »

The South Korean President, dismissed on charges of corruption

Seoul: South Korea’s Supreme Court has ordered the country’s female President Park gun as accurate impeachment order of them is immediately removed from Office. Last year, South Korean President Park gunman and his very close friend was a major corruption scandal against TB vacuum Chui, after which the Parliament his impeachment was relieved temporarily from them while the President. The ... Read More »

Iran’s successful test of the missile to the Hormuz blastic

Tehran: Iran, which America successful experiment of Hormuz to blastic missile concerns have increased further. Iran’s semi-official news agency, the Commander of the revolution, according to TASNEEM pasadaran Amir Ali Haji zade says blastic naval missile of Hormuz to successful experiment that successfully target your dynamic to 300 kilometers in the sea is capable of targeting. Iran’s current missile experience, ... Read More »

Indo-Pakistani nuclear war may change stress, American General

Washington: the head of the U.S. Central Command General Joseph votl warn that tensions between India and Pakistan in the nuclear war traditional issued may change from time to time. The US Senate Armed Services Committee members selected in answer questions u.s. central command (siticom) on the diplomatic front, said Pakistan votl Chief General Joseph to isolate India with Pakistan ... Read More »