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Experts managed to completely end diabetes in experimental

California: the world of diabetes has been gripped, but now the University of California have put a medicine which has received success in eliminating diabetes as experimental. It has been restored at least in the process of signing insulin and blood sugar to normal without any medicine is at hand. Countries around the world like Pakistan’s population is suffering from ... Read More »

Our priority is no longer to remove Syrian President Bashar, America

New York: us Ambassador United Nations, Nikki Hailey said that our priority was not to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar. During the tenure of former us President Barack Obama, the US Government in other countries in the region, including Syria, Bashar’s Government was subject to the end of peace, through their coalition in the Middle East countries for this evening ... Read More »

More on the Palestinian land, Israel’s announcement to build new settlements

Tel Aviv: Israeli Cabinet approves controversial plan to build more settlements on the Western Bank unanimously approved for the Jews on Palestinian land is more 2000 houses will be built. These areas of the Palestinian land, located on the West Bank from Israel, where the occupation of 1967 till now have been built for Jews in Polish, while 126 were ... Read More »

Gersh Antonio, Al-Qaeda, and Islamic teachings are the world measures dash

New York/Amman: the United Nations Secretary General Antonio goitres said that terrorism should not be linked with Islam, are the actions of the World Islamic teachings, death aura LQ aada. According to foreign media, Secretary-General of the United Nations in addressing the Arab League Summit, new gotras to said the militants hate Splice, the rise in anti-Islamic hate with Islam ... Read More »

The New York Police Department Sergeant appointed young Pakistani American elite

New York-the New York Police Department and joined the young Pakistani-American elite were history. According to Pakistani-American tv don’t forget Sgt. Ali Javed emergency unit New York City America’s elite City Police Department and has already holds the honor of Muslims joined. On the other hand, the New York Police social networking Web site Twitter, department officer society congratulates the ... Read More »

Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo became the topic of discussion

Portugal: Portugal’s star became a topic of discussion on social media ft bales statue of Cristiano Ronaldo The name of the airport of ft bales Madeira Island hometown Ronaldo became associated, on the airport on this occasion was the unveiling of the statue was made of bronze, which on this occasion that the Ronaldo himself when Portuguese Prime Minister and ... Read More »

The second tv twenty; the world of West Indies batting shirts Green

Trinidad: Pakistan West Indies consist of t-4 against other mechs in the match continues betting twenty series. Queens Park oval ground in the West Indies captain won the toss batting first with Carlos shirts, Kamran Akmal and invited green to Ahmed Shehzad, Kamran Akmal in the innings, but no scorers already over Pavilion and returned. On the other hand, there ... Read More »

Brad, a considerable number of home from Kohli sorry

Former Australian cricketer Brad Kohli, a considerable number of the home has your statement to apologize.  From Delhi, “he told fans long on social media in the sorry, said my goal was not to insult Kohli, it’s a light-weight was described. As a professional and a wonderful cricketer Kohli their heart of hearts, I value. Because of this, a considerable ... Read More »

Sam stone Rilke s 8 and s 8 plus pragma kicking off

Seoul: a glikse flag of the ship hit the Smartphone of iPhone Announces s 8 and s 8 plus karakia introduced. Samsung announces Galaxy note after the failure of 7 now 2 new smartphones with Smartphones iPhone counter which introduced over the weekend. 5.8-inch screen, 8 s. stone and Sam 8 plus 6.2-inch screen Android phone in which contains 7.0 ... Read More »

Google’s new app g-chat announced to end.

San Francisco: Google search engine and the Web service famous company announced that Google talk or Gmail Chat and its app in the next few months and should be blocked. Google talk or Gmail Chat from Google to close the app and use it after the place of the millions of users that Google will be able to use the ... Read More »